Application procedure:


1.   Choose your level of program engagement

Please see Program Curriculum


2.   Fill out the online application form >>>

After the submission of the application form, the application will be reviewed and the Secretariat of the ECPD-LLM will inform the applicant about his formal acceptance or request possible additional information needed. The accepted candidate will also receive the payment instructions via the bank transaction.


3.   Pay the program fees*:

Program fees depend on the student's choice of commitment level:


1. Attendance per course:

600 Euro

2. Attendance all courses:

2000 Euro

3. Course exam:

200 Euro

4. Course with the exam:

800 Euro

5. 4 exams:

600 Euro

6. 4 courses with 4 exams:

2600 Euro

7. Dissertation:

400 Euro

8. Full LLM:

3000 Euro

* For applicants from China: A 25% additional charge is required for China administrative fees.


After payment, you will receive a username and password.


4.   Access the LLM website with your username and password.


5. ENROLLMENT DEADLINE:      FALL SEMESTER: September 25, 2020.



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