The Course Summary

International investment law and investor state arbitration is at the forefront of modern developments in the international economic law.  The study of this field provides insight into the structure and content of bilateral and multilateral investment treaties, the evolving nature of relevant customary international law concepts, the conflict between capital-importing and capital-exporting states, the status of companies and individuals in the international legal order, restrictions on state sovereignty, and resolution of related investment disputes in international arbitral proceedings.  Some of the key topics covered include: General legal framework for investment protection, both at the international and domestic level, recurrent problems in the performance of investment contracts, investor state arbitral process, and standards of investment protection (fair and equitable treatment, most-favored nation treatment, non-discrimination, prohibition of expropriation without compensation, regulatory takings).


The lecturer/s:


Prof. Dr. Don Wallace, Jr.


Prof. Dr. Borzu Sabahi


Prof. Dr. Milan Parivodic




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