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Diversity * Expertise * Excellence

Enhance your legal knowledge, develop into an international business lawyer, learn from international experts from academia, legal practice and international organizations.


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Build your success gradually * Apply now, decide on qualification later

Benefit from a unique approach to your study choice, a gradual progression in your studies in order to achieve your desired qualification.

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The ECPD LLM program is a fully online program, accessible without distance limitations.




Our LLM - Diversity, Expertise, Excellence


The LLM program in the Law of the European Union and International Business Law is primarily intended to lead to a postgraduate degree:

       Master of Laws

in European Union Law and International Business Law.

We however offer to students, seeking to meet their individual needs, to personalize their studies, depending on a preference level of engagement:

       Specialist Studies Diploma,

       ECTS Certificate, and

       Certificate of Attendance,

the last two with opt-in choice of courses.



The Program is designed principally for:

       law graduates and/or

       graduates with a sufficient background in law who wish to pursue advanced studies in business law.


Its aim is to develop international business lawyers who will be able to:

        actively contribute to the development of the economies where they operate, whether working in government or the private sector, and

        work independently in complex business transactions.

The courses are aimed at enhancing legal practitioners’ techniques by:

        analyzing complex contract precedents,

        learning from different drafting styles,

        comparing the relative quality of different policy and legislative options,

        assessing the effectiveness, clarity and correctness of court submissions and court decisions, and

        explaining how good laws and contracts are drafted and the rationale behind them.

The commercial law courses are combined with instruction on EU law (as far as being relevant for a business lawyer).



The program is taught by:

international experts from academia, legal practice and international organisations.


The Syllabi of the courses are:

inspired by LLM courses at well-known international law schools.


All diplomas and certificates will be:

granted under the authority of ECPD University for Peace est. by United Nations.


ECPD LLM students will:

learn in English,

from the best textbooks and professional law books and will use best-practice document templates and other practical materials.


LLM Program Organizers

The program is organised:

under the auspices of: 

the ECPD, University of Peace established by United Nations,

as part of its International Postgraduate Studies,

in close cooperation with:

       UNCITRAL (UN Commission on International Trade Law) from Vienna,

       UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) from Rome, and

       ILI (the International Law Institute) from Washington DC.


The LLM is managed by:

Program Director Irena Jager Agius, Barrister-at-Law from Ljubljana, Master of  Diplomatic Studies from University of Malta, DEA in European Studies from University of Geneva, Legal advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia,

Program Council Chairman Professor Don Wallace Jr., President of the ECPD Academic Council, Chairman of International Law Institute (ILI) and professor at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington, DC,

Program Council Co-chairman Professor Jernej Sekolec, arbitrator in independent practice, former Secretary of UNCITRAL (2001-2008) and Director of the international trade law division of the UN Office of Legal Affairs.



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