ECPD LLM is a part-time fully online study program for those who seek a further qualification but need to coordinate other study, work or family activities.


With the intention to make it highly accessible, the lectures will be simultaneously recorded to enable re-viewing. Students will have a constant and direct communication possibilities with the lecturers and other students for consultation purposes. The program offers an online knowledge evaluation, depending on the choice of the study level and courses.


A wide choice of engagement levels will enable students to personalize their study preferences, depending on their time constraints and their interests. Additionally, students will be able to proceed from a lower level of engagement to a higher level of their choice, starting with a single course and preferably ending up with a Master of Law degree.



Our LLM Online

Extended accessibility:

acquisition of a world class degree without having to leave home or jobs.


        live and recorded lectures,

        direct student-lecturer interactions,

        continuous student-lecturer e-communication for tutorials and consultations.


Program structure and organisation

Academic year is divided into:

Two + one semester:

 (the dates might change due to possible postponements of the enrollment period)

        fall semester starts on 1 October and ends on 25 January, and

        spring semester starts on 14 February and ends on 30 May,

the two semesters, with two courses taught per semester, are devoted to lecturing, learning and passing of examinations, and

        third semester

reserved for legal research, writing and defending the master thesis, for students who choose the Master’s program. These students may also choose to prepare their thesis during the first two semesters.

Teaching method used in all our courses is:

40 hours of live lectures per course,

2 days per week,

4 hours per day,

the exact dates to be determined before the start of the academic year.

Knowledge evaluation - lecturer’s choice:

        oral online testing via Skype/conferencing system,

        in advance written essay,

        group written exam via conferencing system,

        written examination via email (with a time limit for the answers).


Program Curriculum

Four courses taught:

        COURSE 1: EU Law and Competition Law

        COURSE 2: Law of International Business Transactions

        COURSE 3: Law of International Investment

        COURSE 4: International Trade and Finance Law (International Economic Law).

The Description of each course can be found on the site of the specific course.

Four levels of engagement:

depending on the student’s interests and preferences:

1. Certificate of Attendance, individual, Opt-in choice of Course/s, without  examination/s. Students are required to attend full semester of classes per chosen course/s.

2. ECTS Certificate, individual, Opt-in choice of Course/s, with examination/s, granting 15 ECTS credits. Students are required to attend full semester of classes per chosen course/s.

3. ECPD Specialist Studies Diploma, full choice of courses (4). Students are required to attend 2 semester-length courses and pass examinations for all courses, thereby earning a total of 60 ECTS credits. Students are not required to write and defend the master’s thesis.

4. Master of Laws (LLM) in European Union Law and International Business Law Diploma, full program. Students are required to attend 2 semester-length courses, pass examinations and write and defend the master’s thesis of approximately 12000 words, thereby earning a total of 90 ECTS credits.


The students are afforded maximum possible flexibility regarding:

how far to proceed, at what pace, and when to make the decision:

the work student completes at one level can, within certain time limits, be applied towards the new, higher level. Thus, a student may choose to try just an individual course or two, only attending the course and then decide to proceed with passing the exam/s, which would grant him a certain number of ECTS credits. The student may also later choose additional course/s, leading to a Specialist diploma or, eventually, choose to fulfill all the requirements for the LLM.


Language and technical requirements

Language knowledge certificate

Prior to enrolling the program, students must prove their English language ability to successfully participate in the program by submitting a certificate of adequate knowledge of English language.

Computer knowledge and essentials 

Students are required to have computer literacy. It is required that students be familiar with the web conferencing and data processing systems.


Students are required to be equipped with computer or a tablet with camera and microphone, capable of handling extended online video conferences sessions, internet connection, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader PDF.


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